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BiCon 2002: Booking form

The 20th UK National Bisexual Convention
College Hall, Leicester
16th - 18th August 2002

BiCon is a convention for all bisexuals, their partners and friends to discuss, celebrate, analyse and be confused and entertained by bisexuality in all its colourful forms.

BiCon is a friendly and diverse event run by volunteers, where newcomers are always made welcome. The exact programme varies from year to year depending on what our volunteers offer, but we can promise that the weekend will include discussions, workshops, parties, outings, videos, activism, stalls, making friends and generally enjoying ourselves.

BiCon 2002 will run over three days in a leafy residential venue near the centre of Leicester. We are expecting around two hundred people from all over the UK and beyond - so make use of the booking form and come and join us!
BM BiCon, London WC1N 3XX

About this year's BiCon

The Venue

BiCon is to be held this year in College Hall at the University of Leicester. College Hall is a pleasant, leafy, self-contained venue providing onsite bar, meeting rooms, accommodation, and grounds with good spaces for picnics even a croquet lawn! We will also have access to the University's arboretum, which is five acres of wooded parkland next door to the BiCon site.

BiCon does not provide food, but there are shops, restaurants and takeaways a ten minute walk away, and coffee, snack machines and cold drink machines onsite.


College Hall is a residential venue, and we'd like to encourage you to book accommodation onsite, as this is how we pay for the venue facilities and you will get much more out of BiCon if you do. Kitchens in the accommodation provide a kettle, a microwave, a small hob and a refrigerator, but no crockery, cutlery, mugs or pans.

Anyone booking onsite accommodation must book both Friday and Saturday night. You can also book Thursday night if you want to arrive in good time and be fresh for Friday morning. The bar and registration desk will be open on Thursday night and we expect that many attendees will arrive that evening and join us there.


BiCon aims to be accessible to people on low incomes, which is why registration fees are on a sliding scale. If you are claiming the unwaged rate please enclose photocopied proof such as a signing on card, cover of benefit book, student card, etc. There is also a small hardship fund available to help attendees who wouldn't otherwise be able to attend. Please fill in the booking form and send us some brief details of your situation if you want to apply for this.

We much prefer early bookings, and prices will go up by about 25% after April 30th. Please note that accommodation booking must be received by July 31st.

Income unwaged <13k 13-18k 18-24k 24-29k 29k+ supporters
Up to April 30th £15 £20 £25 £32 £38 £43 £50
From May 1st £17 £23 £29 £37 £45 £50 £58
Thu, Fri and Sat £51 £57 £69 £84 £105 £108 £108
Fri and Sat only £34 £38 £46 £56 £70 £72 £72

To book

When you've worked out how much to pay, fill in the form opposite and send it with a cheque or postal order made payable to BiCon to: BM BiCon, London WC1N 3XX. We will send you confirmation of your booking, together with a map and further information, nearer the date.


You can contact us at BiCon 2002 email address removed or at the address on the front of this form.

BiCon 2002 Booking Form







(If you are volunteering or have special needs it helps if we have your phone number or e-mail address)

Income unwaged <13k 13-18k 18-24k 24-29k 29k+ supporters
Up to April 30th
From May 1st
I would like to attend BiCon 2002 and I enclose my registration fee of:

[_] I am paying the unwaged rate and enclose photocopied proof

I have been to ___________ BiCons before.

[_] I want to apply for the Hardship Fund and enclose details about why I have applied


Income unwaged <13k 13-18k 18-24k 24-29k 29k+ supporters
Thu, Fri and Sat �5 �8 �8
Fri and Sat only

Note: onsite accommodation bookings must be received by July 31st.

I wish to book on site accomodation for
[_] Thursday, Friday and Saturday night
[_] Friday and Saturday night only
and enclose payment of:


I enclose a total payment of


(registration plus accommodation) made payable to BiCon.

[_] Please don't pass my details on to the BiCon 2003 team

Please send this form with a cheque or postal order made payable to BiCon to:

BM BiCon, London WC1N 3XX

Your Needs

[_] I would like créche accomodation for _________ children aged


Note: Childcare provision will depend on demand. We can't guarantee to provide a créche, so let us know if you need one in order to be able to attend. The deadline for créche requests is 1st June.

[_] I am deaf or hard of hearing and need sign language interpretation. (Please specify which language)

Note: We are unlikely to have a full professional interpretation service, so contact us early so we can try to work out a level of service that will be of the most use to you.

Other needs

Unfortunately this year's BiCon venue is not wheelchair accessible. We will, however, do our best to accommodate you on a ground floor room if you need it. Please contact us about any access difficulties you may have and we'll try to help.


[_] I would like to volunteer for gophering / registration desk / stalls / stewarding

[_] I can offer counselling

[_] I am a qualified First Aider

[_] I can offer sign language interpretation

Note: qualification / references may be asked for from counselling, sign language interpretation and first aid volunteers.

[_] I would like to run a session, details below:




Note: We may not be able to accept every session proposal. We will try to select sessions in order to make a balanced and interesting programme. We prefer sessions to be run by people who have been to BiCon before. If this is your first BiCon please tell us please tell us what experience you have of running sessions.
BM BiCon, London WC1N 3XX

BICON® is a registered trade mark of BiCon Continuity Ltd, and is used with permission.

BICON® is a registered trade mark of BiCon Continuity Ltd, and is used with permission.