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BiCon 2002: News and links

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Bookings as of 2002-08-10: 151, rooms booked: 141

BiCon-announce mailing list
Everyone thinking about attending BiCon should subscribe to this list and stay up to date. Only the BiCon 2002 team can post to it. There will be very few messages; it won't fill up your mailbox.
BiCon-announce mailing list archives
Read this to catch up on recent news.
BiCon 2002 LiveJournal
This page is meant as a diary of conference organisation, for those interested in a "behind-the-scenes" look.

Links to related sites

BiCon 2002 T-shirts and other merchandise (dead link)
BiCon 2002's CafePress store - surely tea will taste better from a mug emblazoned with our fab logo!
The site for past and future BiCons.
BiCon guidelines
These guidelines define what BiCon should be and what BiCon organisers are expected to do.
BiCon 2003 LiveJournal
Journal of the people organising next year's event
Bisexual listings
Listing maintained by Bisexual Community News.
Rules of Croquet
Standard 9 wicket croquet rules.

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