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BiCon 2002: About BiCon

16-18 August 2002, College Hall, Leicester

Accommodation deadline: July 31st

BiCon is the UK National Bisexual Convention, a fun long weekend for discussion of things somewhat related to bisexuality, sex and sexuality and for partying with like-minded people.

BiCon is a convention for all bisexuals, their partners and friends to discuss, celebrate, analyse and be confused and entertained by bisexuality in all its colourful forms.

BiCon is a friendly and diverse event run by volunteers, where newcomers are always made welcome. The exact programme varies from year to year depending on what our volunteers offer, but we can promise that the weekend will include discussions, workshops, parties, outings, videos, activism, stalls, making friends and generally enjoying ourselves.

BiCon 2002 will run over three days between 16th and 18th August in a leafy residential venue near the centre of Leicester. We are expecting around two hundred people from all over the UK and beyond so make use of the booking form and come and join us!

BICON® is a registered trade mark of BiCon Continuity Ltd, and is used with permission.