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BiCon 2002: Prices

16-18 August 2002, College Hall, Leicester

BiCon aims to be accessible to people on low incomes, which is why registration fees are on a sliding scale. The deadline for discounted early bookings has now passed, but we still prefer to receive your booking as early as possible. Please note that we must receive your accommodation booking by July 31st.

Income unwaged <13k 13-18k 18-24k 24-29k 29k+ supporters
From May 11th £17 £23 £29 £37 £45 £50 £58
Thu, Fri and Sat £51 £57 £69 £84 £105 £108 £108
Fri and Sat only £34 £38 £46 £56 £70 £72 £72

Low income: If you are claiming the unwaged rate please enclose photocopied proof such as a signing on card, cover of benefit book, student card, etc. There is also a small hardship fund available to help attendees who wouldn't otherwise be able to attend. Please fill in the booking form and send us some brief details of your situation if you want to apply for this.

Pricing error: An error in some booking forms listed the price for three nights accommodation for those in the 18-24k band as £94. The correct figure is £84! This has been corrected in the forms available here. If you pay the erroneous higher rate, you will be entitled to a refund from BiCon.

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