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BiCon 2002: DIY disco

"Oh God, I could do better than that..."

In some respects, the BiCon disco has long been a problem-even when the sound quality has been good, the choice of music has not been to everyone's taste. How could it be, with such a diverse group of people at BiCon?

In each and every case I can think of, some people have liked the DJ and some people have hated them. And it will ever be thus-for some people, if you play Abba (or even Abba covers!) then you deserve stabbing, and for other people, if you don't play Abba, then...

So the Friday night disco this time is going to be something different.

We'd like people to bring their own homemade compilation CDs. During the day, we'll have a vote and the most popular ones will be played that night.

Each CD can have up to 21 minutes of music, please stay as close to this as possible. Bring two copies of the track list for each one, on A5 paper, which is simply A4 divided in two widthways, so that we can put one up on the wall. You can make as many CDs as you like.

This way, we expect every significant musical taste to be catered for. If it's not played, then either it wasn't popular enough or no-one did a CD of it. And with twelve slots of twenty minutes in an four hour disco, there's going to be plenty of variety.

So if enough people want to hear 'It's Raining Men' (personally, my favourite version is by the West End Girls...) or Erasure's Andy Bell singing 'Gimme Gimme Gimme' they'll be played. And in case you loathe those songs, we'll put up a timetable so you'll know when they're being played, and you can disappear to the bar, confident that soon there'll be twenty minutes of the Goth classics you want.

CD writers are now very cheap and if you don't have one yourself, you probably know someone who does. If not, you can contact us at diydisco email address removed and we'll try to arrange to do it for you. (We won't accept liability for anything lost in the post though!)

You can get a preview of what other people have made, or announce what you'll be making, in this forum in the BiCon 2002 diary. We expect themed CDs will be the most popular, but it's up to you.

So if your "weekend's at an all time low" without Bowie's 'Queen Bitch', get burning those CDs and bring them to BiCon along with your "frock coat and bipperty-bopperty hat" or whatever else you want to wear at the first DIY Disco.

Ian Watters and the BiCon 2002 team

BICON® is a registered trade mark of BiCon Continuity Ltd, and is used with permission.

BICON® is a registered trade mark of BiCon Continuity Ltd, and is used with permission.